DHW's Flex-Firm® Platform

Our vision at DAVIS HARTMAN WRIGHT PLLC is to grow a law firm of well-educated and highly skilled attorneys who are widely recognized in practice areas that compliment, expand and deepen our business-related services.   Our attorneys have trained and practiced with some of the best law firms and legal departments in the country, including K&L Gates (and its predecessor, Kennedy Covington), Fisher Phillips, Helms Mulliss Wicker (now part of McGuireWoods), Cranfill Sumner, Carruthers & Roth, Ward & Smith and the North Carolina Department of Justice.

We have developed our Flex-Firm® platform over 15 years of practicing together with the primary goal of providing top-quality legal services to business-related clients while minimizing overhead and leveraging talent and technology to maximize our profit, enhance our quality of life and increase our autonomy and flexibility. We do not have conflicts about expenses, profits or workload, as our entire system is designed such that we do not subsidize each other’s expenses. We consolidate and compress those expenses that can be reasonably shared, and we individually bear the burden of those expenses which cannot.

In addition to the minimization and fair allocation of expenses, we have learned how to use technology to bridge the gap between our lives and our work such that our practices and our clients do not suffer while we live and work when, where and how we choose. Using a wide range of cloud-based systems and advanced technology, we are delivering top quality work with excellent service from various locations.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the world has now recognized what we have known for some time. Those servicing a handful of businesses or other entities, rather than a massive number of individuals, can now work in locations and at times that best suit their lives without sacrificing productivity, efficiency, response time or quality of work. DHW’s Flex-Firm® platform is the consolidation and packaging of a system refined over many years such that we can offer it to those whose practice and goals align with our own.

To discuss the DHW Flex-Firm® Platform and current opportunities at DAVIS HARTMAN WRIGHT PLLC, please contact Mark S. Hartman.

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