DHW Flex-Firm® Platform

Our vision at DAVIS HARTMAN WRIGHT LLP is to grow a law firm of well-educated and highly skilled attorneys who are widely recognized in practice areas that compliment, expand and deepen our business-related services. We have developed our Flex-Firm® platform over 20+ years of practicing together with the primary goal of providing top-quality legal services to business-related clients while minimizing overhead and leveraging talent and technology to maximize profit, enhance quality of life and increase autonomy and flexibility. DHW’s Flex-Firm® platform is the refinement, consolidation and packaging of this system such that we can offer it to others whose practices and goals align with our own.

Our attorneys have trained and practiced with some of the best law firms and legal departments in the country. They are also widely and consistently recognized and regarded as some of the top practitioners in their fields, including banking/finance, bankruptcy/creditors’ rights, commercial litigation, corporate law, environmental law, municipal law and commercial real estate law.

By leveraging talent and technology without the burdens of expensive office space and other traditional law firm trappings, we are able to provide the highest quality work at speeds and service levels unmatched by traditional law firms. We are also able to offer more flexible pricing to our clients and far more competitive compensation to our partners. We have no conflicts about expenses, profits, billable hours or workload. We consolidate and compress those expenses that can be reasonably shared and we individually bear the burden of those expenses which cannot reasonably be shared.

In addition to the minimization and fair allocation of expenses, we have learned how to use technology to bridge the gap between our lives and our work such that our practices and our clients do not suffer while we live and work when, where and how we choose. Furthermore, none of us are concerned with the amount of billing being performed by others since our compensation model is set up in a way that none of us are reliant on the profits generated by others.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the world has now recognized what we have known for some time. Those servicing a handful of businesses or other organizations, rather than a massive number of individuals, can now work in locations and at times that best suit their lives without sacrificing productivity, efficiency, response time or quality of work. We are uniquely positioned at this time to offer a partnership model based on what we have been doing for years. While many firms are attempting to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape in light of their heavily real estate and seniority based systems, we are already operating on this system and are immediately ready and able to expand.

Among the many benefits of our Flex-Firm® platform, some of which are discussed above, adding appropriate, qualified attorneys to this program is beneficial to DHW and new attorneys in that, together: (a) we can offer additional services to clients; (b) we can have a statewide, and possibly broader, presence; (c) we can leverage talent and technology to improve our lives and our practices in ways that most other firms are just now trying to figure out; (d) we can consolidate many functions of a law firm for economies of scale; (e) we can spend more time on billable activities and less time on administrative burdens; (f) we can maintain our current, and attract additional, large institutional clients; and (g) we can earn for originating work done by others and for doing work originated by others.

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