Attorney Samantha Hamilton Featured on Jim Blackburn’s Podcast “GRIT – Stories of Resilience”

May 31, 2024

Samantha Hamilton believes the harder you work, the easier it is to get lucky. That is not the same as the harder you the luckier you will be.

Those words have been Samantha’s mantra most all of her young life, from growing up on a farm in Kentucky to undergraduate school at the University of South Carolina, with a double major, to law school at Wake Forest University with both a Master’s degree as well as a J.D.

She is every young person, who wants to have a happy and successful life and career, doing just what she wants to do. She is perhaps a bit unique in how hard she was willing to work to make that possibility happen.

This podcast is Samantha’s story of how she did it. She has found happiness in a place she had never heard of before taking a job there and buying a house, all at the age of twenty-five.

To listen to the podcast on Spotify click here.

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