Jaimee Bullock Attends Mid-Atlantic Conference for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®

April 16, 2024

On April 12th, Jaimee Bullock attended the 71st Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® in Charlotte, NC. As a member of the sorority for three years, Jaimee understands the core values and missions that Alpha Kappa Alpha stands for, including promoting unity, academic excellence, and community service.

The conference brought together over 5600 women from the Mid-Atlantic Region, highlighting the expansive reach and impact of the sorority. The event wasn’t just about internal organizational matters; it extended its reach to the Charlotte community through initiatives like the job fair and book donation drive.

The job fair at Johnson C. Smith University demonstrated a proactive approach to addressing economic needs, with more than 40 employers engaging with around 450 job seekers. This effort reflects a commitment to supporting members and the broader community in their professional pursuits.

Furthermore, the focus on literacy by collecting over 5,000 books from African American authors shows a dedication to cultural representation and educational empowerment. Partnering with the Charlotte Hornets Book Bus to distribute these books to elementary school students not only promotes reading but also encourages a sense of pride and identity through literature.

The economic impact of the convention, estimated at $7 million for the local economy, underscores the broader significance of such gatherings beyond their organizational aspects. It reflects a commitment to being a positive force in the regions where these events take place, aligning with the sorority’s ethos of service and uplifting the community.

Jaimee Bullock’s participation in this conference showcases a comprehensive approach to sorority engagement, encompassing professional growth, cultural enrichment, and community outreach—all in line with Alpha Kappa Alpha’s enduring mission of “Service to All Mankind.”

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