Reliable work-from-anywhere capabilities from TrusteSolutions permit North Carolina trustee to move to dream destination and work effortlessly.

December 19, 2023

TrusteSolutions released a case study in their December newsletter about attorney John C. Bircher III.

John Bircher has been a practicing trustee since 2005. Today, he is a North Carolina trustee with a Southwest Virginia mountain home. With approval from his Bankruptcy Administrator, John successfully works remotely for his New Bern, and Raleigh, North Carolina law firm from his mountain home and coastal North Carolina family farm location. Using the reliable TrusteSolutions cloud-based platform, John has anytime, anywhere access to everything he needs to manage his cases effortlessly from near or far.

John is a 10-year TrusteSolutions customer. Before switching to TrusteSolutions, John was dissatisfied with the promises his provider kept making concerning a cloud-based platform. What he wanted was a consistent cloud experience. Jim Angell and George Oliver, fellow trustees at the time, spoke highly of TrusteSolutions and how pleased they were with the software, so John decided to give it a try. He was happy to give up the time-consuming process of downloading everything for 341 meetings then uploading again after.

TrusteSolutions delivered, and continues to deliver, the experience John was
searching for. He has cloud-based access to the case management system and finds
the interface to be simpler, more intuitive, and easy to navigate. “It’s just a cleaner
platform,” he says.

The biggest benefits John experiences are ease of use and the minimization of administrative time needed to manage cases appropriately, and of course being able to work from the mountains. “I can go into court and pull up everything I need. I don’t have to download anything for court anymore. It’s very convenient.” When he doesn’t have his laptop easily accessible, John uses the TrusteSolutions mobile app to pull up the information on his phone. He’s been very pleased with the app.

His trustee assistant, Christy Weiss, who also works remotely from her home office, enjoys the efficiency and streamlined processes the software offers, making her work life simpler. Specifically, she likes:
• Having everything streamlined in one location
• Customization of 341 notes for easy case reviews
• Merge documents for basic reports
• Custom case queries to see open cases and bank balances
• Ease of moving documents from the computer into TrusteSolutions
• Ability to eFile directly from each case

When John first switched to TrusteSolutions, he was impressed that when he would call support, after just a few times, they already knew who he was. “They’re always right there to help. I can’t think of a time when they weren’t able to handle things for us in a timely manner.” He enjoys the personal attention he gets not only from the support staff, but from management too. “They service you well, know who you are, and I think that’s important.”

Christy has had similar experiences with customer support. She says she doesn’t know what she’d do without them. “They’re such a source of education and so patient. Accessibility and willingness to help is amazing. That’s one of the bigger things.” Christy has also participated in TrusteSolutions customer forums where her feedback was not only solicited but used for product enhancements. “It’s nice being heard and having a voice. Our feedback being applied is cool to see happen.”

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