Internal Investigations

Businesses today are facing more and more pressure to self-police and report potential misconduct to the authorities, before the initiation of a costly and disruptive government investigation.  Conducting internal investigations under the direction of outside counsel assures that the investigation is conducted correctly and with the protection of attorney-client privilege and work product.  The attorneys at Davis Hartman Wright LLP have years of experience assisting businesses in a wide variety of industries to conduct right sized and cost-effective internal investigations.

Many of our attorneys spent years at large international law firms, where they gained valuable insight and experience in how to conduct an effective internal investigation.  Utilizing those skills in a boutique law firm setting allows them to conduct such investigations while minimizing cost and disruption to business operations.  

We have experience conducting internal investigations into allegations related to human resource issues such as harassment and discrimination, as well as compliance-related concerns.  Our attorneys have significant experience conducting such investigations in highly regulated industries, particularly the banking and financial sector.  We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of banking operations and regulations, allowing us to get to the bottom of issues without “breaking the bank.”

With our significant experience in defending individuals and businesses in connection with government investigations, we can also skillfully and effectively help our clients navigate “parallel investigations,” working with internal stakeholders and external investigators to minimize risk and liability while protecting confidentiality, trade secrets, and reputation.

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